The nasty BDS crowd target Lorde

Stuff reports:

Lorde says she is “considering all options” after backlash against her decision to perform in Israel.

Activists against Israel’s control of Palestine have been trying to stop musicians from touring Israel.

Lorde announced on Tuesday that she would perform in Tel Aviv mid-2018. She was immediately met with a backlash online. …

New Zealand’s own Palestinian Solidarity Network has called the move by Kiwi singer “unwise”.

“We as a Palestinian support group feel it’s entirely inappropriate for Lorde to be supporting the breaking of the boycott,” Palestinian Solidarity Network spokesperson Janfrie Wakim said.

The pro-Palestinian movement, called Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), has launched many campaigns to stop famous musicians from playing in Israel. The group calls for the “freedom, justice and equality” of Palestinians under Israeli control.

One can have a view that Israel should not be building settlements in the West Bank but also that the BDS movement is a nasty campaign with anti-semitic overtones.

Is there any other country in the world that faces such a movement? No. And there are scores of countries that have far worst human rights issues.

If Lorde was to play in China no-one would demand she doesn’t because of their control of Tibet.

If Lorde was to play in Moscow, no-one would demand she doesn’t because of Russian’s annexation of The Crimea.

If Lorde was to play in the US, no-one would say that doing so means she supports President Trump.

If Lorde was to play in France, no-one would demand she boycotts Paris because of the Rainbow Warrior.

It is only Israel which faces this nasty campaign. The campaign is motivated more by people who want Israel to no longer exist as a country than it being about a peace deal for Palestine.

Stopping Jewish kids in Tel Aviv from being able to attend a Lorde concert is not going to bring peace to the Middle East.

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