Mitchell stands

The Herald reports:

Now there are four: Mark Mitchell has confirmed he will contest the leadership.

Mitchell confirmed this afternoon that he will contest the position vacated by Bill English.

Mitchell, a former police dog handler, said National was built on very strong foundations and had 80 years of history of delivering.

“I am entering the race because I want to win. I am entering to win.”

He said what set him apart was his leadership ability and a strong track record building a team.
“The reason I am putting myself up for the leadership is because I want New Zealand to be an even better country.”

He said he wanted to hold the “shambolic Government” to account.

“I’m not scared of taking on an opponent.”

The more who stand, the more exciting it gets. It also makes it more likely no one gets 29 votes on the first vote, and it would go to a 2nd or 3rd round of voting.

He said he was disappointed when Labour leader Jacinda Ardern had said it was her generation’s turn.

“When you’re the leader of a country, you lead for all generations.”

Good line.

Mitchell also signalled would be kept on as finance spokesman, saying he was doing an amazing job.

It is very important that we have strong credentials in the senior leadership team.

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