Pity the staff

My thoughts are with the staff in the National Leaders Office. They are all on event based contracts which expire with an election or change of leader.

So just four months ago they would have all gone through the process of reapplying for jobs, and in two weeks time they have to do the same. There are not many workplaces where you have such little job security.

I don’t expect the new leader will make massive changes to the staffing, but inevitably they always have some people they may want to bring in, so nobody can be certain until the leadership is decided.

In theory the caucus will decide on 27 February, but if the numbers are clearly with one candidate, then the decision may end up being made earlier and be more of a ratification.

A lot will depend on how many candidates stand. The more that stand, the less likely it is that any one candidate can clearly claim the 29 votes they need to be elected. But if it is a two person race, then things might become clear early on.

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