Oxfam’s disgrace

The Herald reports:

A sexual misconduct scandal at deepened as the charity’s former head of safeguarding revealed teenage volunteers at shops in Britain had been abused and overseas staff had traded aid for sex.

Helen Evans accused her bosses of ignoring her evidence and her pleas for more resources, forcing her to quit in despair. She said staff had been accused of rape and that sexual abuse by shop managers in British stores against young volunteers was covered up. In some countries 10 per cent of staff had been sexually assaulted by colleagues or witnessed abuse, she added.

Oxfam regularly publish reports telling us how evil it is that some people are wealthy. They should spend more time sorting out their own behaviour and less time campaigning against wealth.

There have been calls for criminal charges to be brought against Oxfam executives and staff if they had turned a blind eye to abuse overseas.

There needs to be accountability for what happened. We demand it for the Catholic Church and should demand it for Oxfam also.

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