An Acting PM who can’t talk on anything the Government is doing

on NewstalkZB revealed during his breakfast show that Labour’s Acting Prime Minister is not allowed to talk on any current issues around the Government because he hasn’t been briefed on them!!

FFS, he is the Acting Prime Minister and he can’t even answer questions on radio about the issues of the day. This shows how wafer thin the Government is beyond the Prime Minister.

Here’s what Newstalk ZB were told they could not ask the Acting Prime Minister questions on:

  • the foreign housing ban
  • the Tax Working Group
  • Pay equity
  • Tariffs

They also revealed that the PM herself wouldn’t appear on the show except to talk about her tour of the Pacific – she wouldn’t talk about any other issues.

So a PM who won’t talk about anything but her Pacific tour and an Acting PM who is deemed incapable of talking on any of the Government’s policies or issues.

You can listen to the audio here –

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