Ardern’s Chief Press Secretary moves sideways

NewstalkZB reports:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is on the hunt for a new chief press secretary as incumbent Mike Jaspers moves into a different role in her office.

Very very unusual for someone to leave the role of the PM’s Chief Press Secretary just six months after they took office. Not unusual once they have been there for a few years, but after six months suggests there was a problem.

The first sign of the move was when Jaspers’ role was advertised this morning.

Also a sign of bad management. The gallery shouldn’t find out about such a change in a major role they deal with via reading the classifieds. You should front foot it.

Ardern currently has four press secretaries, down from five after Sarah Austen-Smith left last week to travel overseas after a few months in the role.

Also very unusual. I think she only returned to Parliament to take up the role in November.

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