Armstrong on Jacinda’s week of hell

John Armstrong writes:

Forget about modelling for any more Vogue-style fashion shoots. Forget about being willing fodder for the cameras of Australian-produced current affairs shows which are anything but.

Forget about being forever labelled as New Zealand’s “rock-star prime minister”. …

New Zealand’s Prime Minister can once more concentrate exclusively on looking and behaving like one.

That is very good news for Labour. And right now that party is in somewhat desperate need of that commodity.

Armstrong reviews the issues dominating this week:
  1. Jenny Salesa, a near invisible Cabinet Minister spending $30,000 on travel in just three months
  2. The Labour camp sexual assault allegations
  3. Winston’s continuing defence of Russia
  4. Ron Mark using RNZAF helicopters as taxis
  5. PM handing out millions in aid around the Pacific while ignoring Nelson apple growers struck by flash floods

He concludes:

The grizzling has centred on Ardern handing out big dollars in aid and state pension rights during her meetings in Samoa, Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands while Nelson region apple growers struck by flash floods have been ignored.

The Prime Minister need look no further than her Canadian counterpart for worrying evidence of how quickly things can change.

It is not so long ago that Justin Trudeau was enjoying sky-high approval ratings.

They have plummeted in recent months. He was deemed untouchable. No longer, however.

Ardern is deemed as untouchable. But for how much longer?

The comparison to Trudeau is an apt one.

Several polls now have the Liberals behind the Conservatives and Trudeau’s approval ratings has gone from +30% two years ago to -1% today.

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