Will NZ join the EU in Russia sanctions?

Sky reports:

A “large number” of EU countries are set to impose tougher sanctions on Russia after the Salisbury poisoning.

Member states are said to be considering a range of measures – including expelling diplomats – to take effect on Monday.

France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and the Czech Republic have all warned of further action.

It is understood nations including France, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania are preparing to expel Russian diplomats or spies posing as diplomats from their countries.

“Coordinated measures” will be announced “very shortly”, French President Emmanuel Macron announced.

It came after the EU withdrew its ambassador to Russia, a move described by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as “extraordinary”.

It would be appropriate for New Zealand to also withdraw its Ambassador temporarily. This is how countries signal that another country has acted in a hostile manner. It would support the UK, and signal to Putin the resolve of the West that he can’t use chemical weapons in other countries to kill people.

But will New Zealand join the EU in taking action? I doubt it. Our foreign minister will fight against it.

It is known that Peters met the Russian Ambassador to NZ more often before the election (just as a party leader) than the actual Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I wonder if Peters still insists there is no evidence of Russian interference in the US elections, with this story identifying the DNC hacker as a Moscow based GRU officer. His name is even known (just not published).

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