HDPA says Greens may be gone

HDPA writes:

It’s never wise to make bold predictions in politics, but here’s one I’m willing to make.

Unless something major changes within the Green Party, it won’t be in Parliament in a decade. In fact, a decade may be too generous.

I say this because the Green Party has a split personality. 

She continues:

The split personality can’t go on living together. Not only is the animosity in the party too great, but not all voters who care about the environment also want to give hand outs to beneficiaries.

Take, for example, Jenny from Pukekohe. She hasn’t bought plastic food wrap since she learned turtles choke to death on the stuff, goes to great lengths to recycle and wants to leave a clean planet for her grandkids.

But she also worked hard to pay off her mortgage so doesn’t like the ’ policy to introduce a 40 per cent tax on income over $150,000 or their policy to increase the dole by 20 per cent.

Jenny and her mates will be the first to desert the Greens when another party gives them an alternative place for their votes.

Some voters want environmentalism without socialism.

Once all the other parties go green, the Greens will lose their big point of difference. And what are they when that’s gone?

All they’ll be is a far-left party that condones beneficiary fraud and wants to make it easier to stay on the dole.

And will that get them 5%?

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