Tova slates Government for fence sitting

Tova O’Brien writes:

These are just a few of New Zealand’s close friends who got in behind the United States, United Kingdom and France when they launched airstrikes against the murderous Syrian regime and its chemical weapons sites. 

• Australia says it “supports” the airstrikes in – it’s even considering joining the next round.

• Canada “supports” them too. 

• Germany called them “necessary and appropriate” and also used the S-word, “support”.

• NATO “supports” them.

• The European Union “stands with our allies on the side of justice”.

The attacks came after yet another gas attack that killed 75 people, including children. 

may “understand” the strikes, even “accept” the strikes but it will be a cold day in hell before the Prime Minister joins our allies in “supporting” airstrikes in Syria. 

Accept is such a weasel word. You should support or oppose it. If you don’t support it, then what would you to do to discourage Assad from using chemical weapons?

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