Lindsay Perigo’s TWG submission

Enjoyed reading the submission by Lindsay Perigo to the Tax Working Group, and figured others may enjoy it also so am sharing here:

Dear Sir Michael and members of the Tax Working Group,

I submit the following interim tax regimen, as a meaningful step towards the overthrow of the Nanny State and against the propensity of unproductive and anti-productive politicians to mess with the lives and earnings of the productive:

1) Income Tax: 15% across the board, with the first $15,000 exempt. The one exception to this to be the aforementioned politicians:

1a) Politicians Tax: Politicians to be taxed at 85%, in order not to encourage them.

2) GST: 15% across the board.

3) Company Tax: 15% across the board.

4) Excise taxes: all product-specific taxes such as those on fuel, tobacco and alcohol to be abolished. Ordinary GST only to apply.

5) Behaviour taxes: all proposed taxes on Nanny-disapproved behaviour, such as a sugar tax, fat tax, tall tax, laughter tax, joke tax, existence tax, being white tax, heterosexuality tax, etc., to which power-lusters are pathologically attracted, to be definitively disavowed on the grounds that people have the right to live their lives as they see fit and should be left alone to do so. Politicians to be required to spend their first year in office in re-education camps where this principle will be painstakingly explained to them. Incorrigible cases to be deported to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe or California.

Beyond the points made above, I endorse the broader submission made by the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Yours sincerely,

Lindsay Perigo

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