No budget bounce for Labour

The Newshub Reid Research poll has:

  • National 45.1% (+0.6%)
  • Labour 42.6% (+0.3%)
  • Greens 5.7% (-0.3%)
  • NZ First 2.4% (-1.4%)

It is remarkable that National remains ahead of Labour considering they are in opposition, and have transitioned away from the leadership team of the last decade.

To do a comparison to May 2009, National had an 26% lead over Labour. Here the main governing party is 3% behind.

There’s usually a 2% bump (in Newshub polls) for the Government after a Budget. But Labour has flatlined.

Now of course the centre-left still has more support and seats than the centre-right. But their comfort margin is razor thin at a time when they should be at the height of their popularity having delivered their first Budget.

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