NZUSA troubles

A reader has passed on some interesting information from what appears to be a student association insider concerning their national body, .

The claims are:

  • An NZUSA staffer departed after sending a dick pic to a staffer/contractor (ironically the staffer/contractor was there to work on a sexual violence/consent campaign). This was covered up, like the law firms are accused of doing.
  • NZUSA recently asked their main member associations to half pay next years fees (2019), as their account had been frozen or rather their overdraft was not being extended by BNZ, and they had no money.
  • NZUSA are in the process of selling their share in the building on Lambton Quay to cover their debts
  • They had a contract with ACC – ( and employed staff for it, but all of those staff resigned and that contract is not happening now, or is greatly reduced
  • None of the executive of the associations that are members are aware of the extent of what has gone on and why NZUSA has no money

The challenge for NZUSA is that it has to demonstrate to its member associations they they provide value for money.

UPDATE: A further source has come forward and said that the staffer concerned didn’t send dick pics to just one of the sexual violence team staffers, but many of them! And the entire sexual violence team resigned em masse late last year.

Will the student associations that marched in the streets against Russell McVeagh, now march against NZUSA?

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