Socialism can’t even keep the lights on

Yahoo reports:

Blackouts are nothing new under two decades of socialist rule in . But they’ve grown more frequent, and are lasting longer, as the OPEC nation’s economy hits a breaking point with hyperinflation making increasingly scarce food and medicine unaffordable for many. …

Venezuela’s government doesn’t publish figures charting power outages, but the human rights organization Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict reports that blackouts prompted 325 street protests across Venezuela in the first three months of 2018.

So socialism can’t even keep the lights on.

Venezuela’s status as home to the world’s largest fossil fuel reserves should have made it immune to an energy crisis. It also has the Guri Dam, one of the world’s largest hydro-electric projects and the cornerstone of an electrical grid once the envy of Latin America that has now fallen into disrepair.

Takes a special sort of magic to run out of power when you have the largest reserves in the world.

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