Surely parole eligibility should end if parole conditions keep getting breached?

Stuff reports:

A convicted killer who strangled his wife to death is on the run from police in Canterbury.

Police are searching for 54-year-old Dean Raymond Purdy, who has a warrant for his arrest for a breach of his release conditions.

Purdy, aged 27, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991 after he strangled his wife Debbie Purdy in Auckland after they argued over her work as a prostitute. Her body was found in a toilet cubicle behind Karangahape Rd in Auckland.

So he must have a life sentence. Parole should be a privilege for people like Purdy.

Sensible Sentencing Trust victims’ advocate Jayne Walker said the department had been “too soft” and put the public’s safety at risk.

“Clearly this dangerous offender has no respect for the law or gratitude for the privilege that the current law allows parole for killers handed a life sentence.

“We urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mr Purdy to come forward.”

Walker also said the board should “be sensible” and, after Purdy has been arrested, never let him out of prison.

It was not the first time Purdy has breached his parole conditions. In 2014 he was recalled from parole after police caught him approaching prostitutes.

Three weeks later he escaped while he was being escorted to a corrections van after a medical appointment at Christchurch Hospital.

So how often has he breached parole conditions? That’s at least three times so far.

In 2008, Purdy left the Salisbury Street Foundation, where he was attending a 16-week programme, without permission. He was free for two days before surrendering to police.

Four times!

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