I told you all Grant Robertson is the actual Acting PM

Claire Trevett reports:

Bridges wanted to know if the proposal had gone through a Cabinet committee. “You wait and see, all right? It’s not a yes, it’s not a no, it’s time for you to be patient,” Peters told him.

Things got slightly less opaque after that, thanks to Labour’s .

Bridges asked if Little was right to say NZ First was at the table when Cabinet agreed to reforms including three strikes. Enter Robertson, sitting two down from Peters, who said quietly to Peters: “Yes.”

Peters stood: “Yes.”

The next question asked if there was a breach of protocol around consulting coalition partners.

Grant Robertson mouthed “no” at Peters.

Peters stood: “No.”

The ease of this prompted a delighted laugh from Robertson until he realised media had spotted him and Peters’ supply of answers dried up.

An Acting PM who can’t even answer questions without Grant rescuing him. Sad.

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