Lawyer harassment and bullying

An interesting survey of lawyers by the Law Society relating to harassment, stress and bullying. Some of the key data is:

  • Net job satisfaction is +61% (81% satisfied, 18 dissatisfied)
  • Work life balance satisfaction is +31%
  • Managers care about my well-being +62%
  • Job is very stressful +22%
  • Time pressures are unrealistic -9%
  • Major culture changes are needed -37%
  • 31% of female have been sexually harassed at some stage, and 5% of male lawyers
  • 5% of female lawyers have been sexually harassed in the last year
  • 98% of towards women is done by men
  • 74% of sexual harassment towards men is done by women (and 26% men)
  • 52% of lawyers have been bullied at some stage.
  • 6% of lawyers have been bullied in the last six months
  • 52% of bullying was done by male lawyers, 31% by female lawyers and 17% both genders equally

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