Peters seeking $1.8 million from taxpayers

Newsroom reports:

Winston Peters’ new court action over his seven year superannuation overpayment is actually claiming a total of $1.8 million from bureaucrats and former ministers – damages that ultimately may have to be paid by the taxpayer if he is successful.

This is beyond outrageous. Peters was receiving superannuation payments in excess of his entitlement. It is still not known how this occurred as Peters refuses to give a privacy waiver so we can learn details such as whether he received annual confirmation letters of his living status.

Peters is receiving almost $400,000 a year (total package) as Deputy PM, and claiming his NZ Super of $16,000 a year. And on top of that he wants $1.8 million from taxpayers because his over-payments were made public.

I remind people of course NZ First still owes the taxpayers $158,000 from the parliamentary spending ruled illegal by the Auditor-General in 2005.

Peters is about to become Acting Prime Minister yet one of his listed targets is Attorney General who sits with him in the cabinet room. 

The Attorney General is placed in a horrible position. He has to decide whether to not just defend the lawsuit, but if Peters drops the suit (or loses it), whether to pursue Peters for the costs to the Crown (and taxpayers).

Taxpayers may end up spending well over $100,000 defending public servants from the Peters lawsuit. Will Parker agree to seek full costs from Peters if he loses?

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