The Red Hen stupidity

As most readers will know a restaurant in the US called the Red Hen asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders to leave, because they don’t like ’s policies.

Legally of course the owner has the right to refuse service to someone. No question of that.

But they are sorely mistaken if they think doing so is a good thing to do. I imagine they think it will somehow convince people that Trump is so bad. However it will do the opposite – it will solidify his supporters behind him. In fact polls show that Trump now is polling higher approvals than any other recent Republican President, amongst Republicans.

The other thing this will do, is encourage future Democratic staffers and politicians to be refused service in other restaurants. Sure you may believe that Trump is an outlier (and I agree) but the fact is 63 million Americans vote for him, and mainly still support him. So what they read from Sanders being evicted, is that Democrats think they are awful people who also shouldn’t be served.

And how will they respond. Well when there is a Democratic President, then their staff will be harrassed and evicted from restaurants. There are many Americans who think abortion is murder. What if they start refusing to allow pro-choice politicians to dine at their restaurants. Is that what you want in a country?

A Democratic politician has even called on people to harass and confront politicians they don’t like. To form a crowd and push back on them. You can see how that could easily end in violence.

Now Trump himself has contributed to the incivility with his tweets and the like. But responding as the restaurant owners did, actually benefits Trump. It pisses off 63 million Americans and makes them get in behind the President even more.

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