Winston right on this one

The Herald reports:

Racing Minister Winston Peters has hit out at “shiny bums” for interfering in the country lifestyle by trying to ban BYO booze at racecourses and says “too many old males” are holding back development at some courses.

Speaking at a select committee about the Budget measures for racing, Peters criticised police attempts to impose bans on BYO alcohol at the races.

Speaking about the importance of racing in the regions, he said more people went to the races at Dargaville than Avondale.

“Until the police were giving the directive to start stopping them taking any grog along and interfering with their country lifestyle. And you will recall the head of the Kumara races said he wanted these shiny bums to keep out of his part of the country.

What he means is that’s part of their culture. You go there and you’ll see 8000 to 9000 at Kumara. Why are bureaucrats in Wellington interfering with their lifestyle?”

I couldn’t agree more with Winston. Why can’t you have a BYO day on the grass at the races?

It followed an interpretation of liquor laws by police that many large events were breaching liquor laws by allowing BYO alcohol.

Winston should get a NZ First MP to put up a members’ bill to change the law to allow this. I am sure National would support it.

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