US should pull out of UN Human Rights Council

The Washington Post reports:

The Trump administration is expected to pull back from the United Nations on Tuesday in protest of what it perceives as an entrenched bias against Israel and a willingness to allow notorious human rights abusers as members.

More a documented fact than a perception.

Since 2006, the Human Rights Council has passed more than 70 resolutions critical of Israel, 10 times as often as it has criticized Iran. On one day alone in March, the council passed five resolutions condemning Israel.

Israel certainly doesn’t have a perfect human rights record. But it scores better on most human rights indexes than at least 75% of the countries in the world. The HRC is obsessed with Israel.

The council’s current membership includes 14 countries that are ranked as “not free” by Freedom House: Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, China, Cuba, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

All great champions of human rights that of course should sit in judgement on others.

This tweet sums it up nicely. In the last ten years Israel has been condemned 68 times and China, Russia and Venezuela not once.

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