Can we keep Winston as Acting PM?

I never thought I would say this, but can we keep Winston on as Acting PM?

If we have to have a Labour-NZ First-Green Government, it is more tolerable with Winston calling the shots.

First issue on which he did well was on Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern where he said:

“Had we been asked… we’d have allowed them to come on the basis of free speech,” Mr Peters said in a post-Cabinet press conference on Monday.

“It’s one of the most fundamental freedoms that we have and we should be very careful who we expel on that cause, because the downstream historic record on that has been just disastrous.

Imagine how different the response would have been from Ardern. No way would she have said that. It would have been sopping wet stuff about needing to make people feel safe from people who say upsetting things etc.

Now as Peters is Acting PM, it is pretty unlikely Immigration NZ is going to refuse them visas. So good one Winston.

Then to top that, we have his response to the DHBs demanding a sugar tax:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says he does not agree New Zealand should have a sugar tax, as suggested by the chair of two New Zealand DHBs, saying “people are capable of looking after their own lives”. …

Speaking this morning to TVNZ 1’s Breakfast today, Mr Peters said he does not support the introduction of a sugar tax, because “people are capable of looking after their own lives”.

“It’s a matter of education, it’s not just sugar – it’s a whole range of other things,” Mr Peters said.

“If we want to turn back the potential tsunami of obesity that’s coming, let’s be frank and open and look at a whole lot of products that are not good for people and try to turn people around by education.

“To have some namby-pamby state say ‘you can’t have this, you can’t have that’ – it’s not what we should be doing as a country … we should be ensuring that people understand what’s good for them and what’s bad.

Again an excellent response. Winston lashes out at nanny state and stands up for individual responsibility and choice.

Now again imagine Ardern on the same topic. She’s be talking it up, and saying they’ll give it careful consideration.

And again Winston’s words have consequences as he is Acting PM. Even once he gives up the top job, it will be hard for the Government to advance a sugar tax considering he dismissed it so strongly.

So the longer Winston is Acting PM, the more bad ideas he can shoot down.

So I reckon we should start a petition to extend the PM’s paid parental leave from six weeks to six months!

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