The Haumaha inquiry needs to include the Police, not just the SSC

The Herald reports:

Police Commissioner Mike Bush was warned by his right-hand man about Wally Haumaha’s history with the disgraced officers at the centre of rape allegations which rocked the police force, according to Herald sources. …

Sources have told the Herald that Clement – graduated from Police College with Bush – warned the Commissioner about Haumaha and the potential risk to the reputation of police if he was promoted.

This is an important revelation as, if correct, it means the Commissioner knew. This is at odds with what the Police said:

Nash said he and Bush was unaware of the specific statements quoted.

“I don’t think you could reasonably expect the Commissioner to know the comments Wally had made with regard to Operation Austin,” said Nash.

Unless he was told.

The acting Prime Winston Peters announced an inquiry to look at whether all relevant information was given to, or gathered by, the SSC, and if it was, whether all relevant information was provided to ministers.

The inquiry needs to be wider and include what information was known within the Police.

Three weeks later, the terms of reference and the chair to conduct the inquiry are yet to be announced.

This is not that complex a matter. The TOR and inquiry member/s should have been sorted within a week.

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