The Police Deputy Commissioner inquiry

Stuff reports:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says an inquiry will be held into how Deputy Commissioner of Wally Haumaha was appointed following concerns raised by victims’ right advocate Louise Nicholas.

On Friday evening Peters said: “Cabinet will consider the matter on Monday to determine the specific details of the inquiry and its terms of reference,” said Mr Peters.

Nicholas says she went to police top brass with concerns about Haumaha, over his relationship with the former officers she accused of raping her, back when he was being considered for an assistant police commissioner role.

This will be very interesting. You see the Deputy Commissioner is not appointed by the Commissioner, but by the Prime Minister.

The process is run by the SSC, and they provide advice. However it is a Prime Ministerial decision.

UPDATE: And complicating the issue is the fact that the Deputy Commission was a candidate for NZ First in 2005. This shouldn’t disqualify him to be Deputy Commissioner, but it does make you wonder if this was a factor in his appointment.

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