Winston defends Russia again

NewstalkZB reports:

Winston Peters is drawing parallels between Russian interference in the US election, and John Howard saying National was robbed at last year’s election.

The former Australian Prime Minister told the National Party conference over the weekend the result of last year’s election was “unjust and unfair”.

Peters is questioning how people can be okay with a comment like that, but not about alleged Russian meddling in the US election.

“Everyone’s dancing up and down about that, but someone who is a four-time Prime Minister is here criticising the makeup of this Government without being able to itemise and particularise what he’s actually talking about.”

Wow this is a new level of stupidity, even for the Minister for Putin.

John Howard commented nine months after an election that he thought the result was unfair.

Winston thinks this is equivalent to:

  • Russia hacking the e-mail accounts of a political party and its campaign chairman
  • State sponsored dissemination of fake news
  • Attempting to hack voter registration databases
  • Stealing voter data on 200,000 voters
  • Paid advertising of $100,000 on Facebook to influence voters

Even for Winston and his slavish devotion to Putin, this is a new low.

Also the hypocrisy is rather great as Winston of course has been happy to offer opinions on the UK and Brexit. So by his logic he has interfered in British elections.

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