But what about the next term?

Stuff reports:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has sought to ease concerns about a new type of collective bargaining, saying there will be “no more than one or two” in the current electoral term.

If anyone thinks this is a concession, they’re falling for spin.

The working group is to report back by December 2018.

There would then be consultation on their report, taking you through to say March 2019. Then draft a law which takes you to say June 2019.

A law takes around nine months to get through Parliament which takes you to March 2020 – just a few months before the next election.

So when the PM says there will be only one or two in the current electoral term, this is not a concession or reassurance. It is merely recognition that there won’t be time for more.

But then how many in the second term? Will any industry be exempt? Of course not.

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