Hosking says Peters was a better (Acting) PM than Ardern


He has done an exemplary job. In fact I would, just for a moment, argue that he’s done a better job than .

Not that, to be fair, it’s comparing apples with apples. She’s fronted nine months of government, he’s fronted six weeks. He’s introduced no real policy, he’s always had the luxury of being the fill-in. But he’s clearly taken it seriously, he has defended his government’s position well, and he has toned down his madness.

He killed off the sugar tax madness and put a stake through the heart of future tobacco tax increases so for that alone we should thank him.

It would seem odd to think that it’s taken to the age of 70 something, and a second proper crack at government, to finally learn the lesson that if you tone yourself down, use the experience you have, use the undoubted brain power you have, and you actually come across as seasoned, insightful, reassuring, and impressive.

And occasionally highly entertaining.

Even more so when I looked at Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook post and she was talking to me like I was a baby.

Peters has done an excellent job, better than many would have thought.

Hey, its possible Peters may get another go at the top job before the next election!

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