Labour won’t release report

The Herald reports:

An internal Party report into allegations of sexual assault at a Young Labour summer camp has not been released because there are matters now before the court, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.

Does that mean they will release it after the court has dealt with the issue?

Also they could release an abridged version which doesn’t includes details of the alleged assaults.

Meanwhile Newsroom reports:

One of the victims from Labour’s youth summer camp scandal has slammed the party for its “absolutely appalling” handling of a review into what went wrong, saying nobody is being held accountable.

A fair criticism. Labour did nothing for weeks until the victims went to a Minister and then the media.

However, one of the victims told Newsroom they were disappointed with how the party had handled the investigation into its failings, including the decision not to release the report publicly.

“Failing to release the report shows a blatant lack of accountability and from my perspective as a victim, is absolutely appalling.”

The report should have been released with the redaction of any information which could have identified people, they said.

Yep. The court case is an excuse.

Compare Labour’s response to Russel McVeagh. Russel McVeagh released their external report in full. Labour have released nothing but a bland assurance about policies and procedures being reviewed.

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