Many more summits!

The Herald reports:

Little said he had heard commentary that victims were not being adequately heard and wanted further opportunities to engage.

He said victims were an important part of the justice summit and work was needed to provide better support for those affected by crime.

Little later signalled a special victims’ conference would be held after hearing from those who felt the summit did not address those worst affected by crime.

The event in Wellington was always intended to be the government’s first step towards reforming the criminal justice system.

Feedback has extended the pathway to reform, paying heed to those who spoke during the summit.

The Labour Maori caucus has also pushed for a summit which would focus on Maori issues with the criminal justice system, a reflection of Maori over-representation in prison and among those who are victims of crime.

Further regional summits are also planned.

This news story sums up the Government almost perfectly.

They spend what is probably millions of dollars on a huge summit with 700 people. And what is the outcome:

  • A further Maori issues summit
  • A further victim’s summit
  • Regional summits

This is almost beyond parody.

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