Ounces are outlawed

The NZ Specialty Coffee Association recently e-mailed their members to say:

We have been contacted by the Trading Standards regarding compliance within the coffee industry as per the Weights and Measures Act 1987. 

The NZSCA has attempted to assure the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise that this is not standard practice in the New Zealand coffee industry and have suggested that they would receive better traction by contacting these companies directly.  

While we believe using ounces is an easy communication between coffee suppliers and the customers, we’ve discovered that identifying a 236ml vessel as “8 ounces” is not legal in New Zealand.  Our recommendation is that you read through the link below and we all look to change our language around the size of beverages.

So MBIE is wasting taxpayers money on telling coffee suppliers that they can’t call an 8 ounce vessel, an 8 ounce vessel and instead it must be called a 236 ml vessel.

What madness.

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