Sage under pressure

Newsroom reports:

Conservation Minister decided against pursuing a stringent examination of Chinese water bottling firm Nongfu Spring’s “good character” before approving the expansion of its New Zealand operations, official documents reveal.

So for all her rhetoric over how she had no choice, she actually decided not to ask questions.

When officials could not find the outcome of a key court decision on Nongfu Spring’s application of Chinese water quality standards, Sage decided against demanding further information and let the deal go through.

Green Party members have been duped.

When asked whether the OIO should have proactively sought the status of the legal action, Sage responded: “If you want to sit in this seat than perhaps you should stand for election.”

Wow. This is how a new Minister responds to a journalist asking a legitimate question.

If you can’t handle the heat, maybe you should get out of the kitchen.

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