Scummy scammers

Stuff reports:

The couple’s front room is devoted to an intricate shrine to Bhagwan Swaminarayan, a 19th century Hindu religious leader whose followers believed was a living incarnation of the God Krishna.

Bhavsaar, 47, believes she channels the long-dead Swaminarayan, and controls something she  calls the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Proton Pulse – or QVSWPP – the “mother of all frequencies, energies and vibrations”.

Believers pay money to attend workshops where Bhavsaar supposedly uses the energy force to upgrade them to a “fifth dimensional grid” where they are cleared of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers and wifi, leaving them cleansed and healed of various ailments.

Such an obvious scam but I guess when you mix it with religion you find some gullible people.

People who have been through this process are called Pulsars.

The other name for them are victims.

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