The hotness pay gap

Stuff reports:

Attractive people are paid something like 12 per cent more than unattractive people. They’re also more likely to get a job in the first place.

It’s weird that we don’t talk about this more. The disparity between “hot” and “not” is just as glaring as the gender pay gap, and just as unfair. No-one chooses their genes: some people are blessed with a heavenly visage, others receive a fair old whack of the ugly stick.

True, where are the campaigns to close the hotness pay gap?

Also the gender pay gap can go both ways. An economist pointed out to me that in certain professions such as adult entertainment, women are paid vastly more than men.

A study of Canadian election candidates found the attractive ones received more than two and a half times as many votes. Fortune 500 chief executives tower over the rest of the populace, with an average height of 6’2″. And so on.

So do we also have a height pay gap? Do taller people get paid more?