Another substance free announcement


It’s a bit like putting the produce-laden cart before the lumbering Clydesdale as the Government tries to bring the public on board with free deals and what they’re calling a ‘Trade for All’ agenda. …

This soft sell to the public was Jacinda Ardern’s first big announcement after putting her feet under the Beehive’s Cabinet table yesterday.

And just like all Government announcements without substance they’re setting up a board to advise on how to woo the great unwashed when it comes to trade. And as usual they’ve appointed the chair with the boardroom chairs to be filled later, or as the blurb said “in due course”.

This is almost the Government being a parody of itself.

Business confidence is rock bottom and the Government says that they will have a major announcement on trade, as a way to get business confidence higher.

So one may have expected some significant policy or initiative. Instead it was another effing working group.

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