Turnbull gone

Mathias Corman has announced five Ministers who voted for Turnbull will now vote Dutton, so it is all over.

Peter Dutton will be the 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

And Malcolm Turnbull will be the 4th Prime Minister in a row to get rolled in their first term after winning an election.

Recent tenure of PMs has been:

  1. Malcolm Fraser 7.5 years
  2. Bob Hawke 8.5 years
  3. Paul Keating 4.5 years
  4. John Howard 11.5 years
  5. Kevin Rudd 2.5 years
  6. Julia Gillard 3 years
  7. Kevin Rudd 3 months
  8. Tony Abbott 2 years
  9. Malcolm Turnbull 3 years

Hard to see any outcome but Labor winning the next election, and a long spell in opposition for the Libs.