$1,000 for a strip search

The Herald reports:

Two of the country’s most high-profile prisoners have been awarded $1000 each in compensation after a wrongful strip search.

About 200 prisoners, including Arthur Taylor and Phillip John Smith were strip searched in prison in October 2016 after a group of inmates attacked staff.

Four prisoners in C block of the division attacked prison officers – two of four prisoners were armed with shanks – leaving one officer requiring hospital care.

Taylor and Smith did not take part in the assault – both were situated in A block – but were among the number searched in the bid to find weapons and homebrew.

“Neither has a of violence,” Justice Mary Peters said.

“Neither has ever been found to be in possession of a weapon.

“Neither has ever been associated with a gang.”

The plaintiffs were embarrassed and humiliated, she said.

The strip searches of Taylor and Smith on October 21, 2016, were “unlawful and unreasonable”, in breach of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, she said.

Justice Peters said ordered the Attorney-General to pay to Taylor and Smith compensation of $1000 each.

Doesn’t it make you feel great to be a taxpayer.

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