Dodgy Winston

The Herald reports:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says he is not able to recall who invited him to a celebration for Deputy Commissioner last year.

This is despite telling Parliament last month he was invited to the event by “the Government of the day”.

Speaking to reporters at Monday’s post-Cabinet press conference, Peters was unable to recall where exactly his invitation to the event had come from.

Just a month earlier, he told Parliament a different story.

“It is true that I was invited to the marae to celebrate the appointment as an assistant commissioner of police of Wallace Haumaha by the then Government of the day,” he told Parliament.

But documents, obtained under the Official Information Act reveal the event was organised by Waiteti Marae.

So it was a lie that he had been invited by the Government of the day.

So if the Marae organised the event, they probably invited Peters. And who is the Marae Chairman?

It’s Wally Haumaha.

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