Politicians shouldn’t decide what is taught in history

Stuff reports:

Currently, the Education Ministry gives the option to teach the Wars.

Hodgson said  may avoid teaching the Wars due to trepidation.

“Maybe it’s because people are uncomfortable with our history, but it is what it is,” she said.

would welcome the teaching of the Wars being made compulsory, but don’t believe that goes far enough. I think te reo Māori needs to be part and parcel of what we do.”

Education Minister Chris Hipkins​ wants to teach history and said some schools could do more to educate students about the New Zealand Wars.

However, he doesn’t favour making the wars a compulsory part of the curriculum.


The last things we want is politicians deciding what parts of history should be taught in school, and what shouldn’t be taught.

think WWII and the Holocaust is massively important and should be taught more. But no way do I want a Government to dictate that the Holocaust must be taught in school.

History teachers should decide what to teach, not politicians.

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