Maybe the problem is Labour not NZ First?

I blogged yesterday:

Either Ministers are failing to consult NZ First, or they are consulting them and NZ First is reneging at the last minute.

A source close to NZ First has out to me that I missed out an option. That Labour is consulting NZ First but not listening to them and ignoring their concerns.

The source explains:

NZ First tells Labour no, Labour keep pressing ahead.

They get told no repeatedly, they get angry, they still get told no then Labour are surprised when their policies are not supported publicly.

Labour are making stupid demands of NZ First as in they give them a bloody big file of documents on a policy and tell NZ First they have to have an answer in 24 hours so NZ First MPs tell them that they cant agree to anything without it going through caucus

This could be be correct. So it might not be NZ First upsetting things, more Labour not understanding that consultation means more than informing someone 24 hours in advance.

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