Why is the Beehive website only including selective releases?

The Beehive website is an important site. It hosts all press releases and speeches from Ministers since 1996.

Or at least it used to.

On Friday evening I went looking for the release from Megan Woods announcing the CTO position was not going ahead.

I browsed everything from her, and it wasn’t there.

Many other releases from Friday were there. But not this one. It was on Scoop, so had definitely gone out. So maybe just bad luck.

I then went looking for the release from the PM on 24 August announcing Curran had been sacked from Cabinet. I found it on Scoop. But browsing on Beehive for Ardern found nothing. Three other releases on the 24th but not that one.

So maybe it isn’t error. Maybe the Government is deciding only “good” announcements go on the official Beehive website.

I don’t know if it is incompetence or deliberate, but people should be concerned. The Beehive website should be trusted as a comprehensive website which details all Ministerial statements. At the moment it isn’t.