Putin taking the piss, not even plausible

16Stuff reports:

When British investigators first identified two Russian suspects as suspected nerve agent attackers, Kremlin officials said the names meant nothing to them.

Then, days later, President Vladimir Putin vouched for them as just ordinary guys and anything but would-be hit men.

Now, the two men have appeared on Russian TV in an bizarre interview that included their denials – but also indirect questions about their sexual preferences, awkward stares and accounts of the weather in the quaint English town of Salisbury in early March 2017. …

In Thursday’s interview (Friday NZ time) with the Kremlin-funded RT channel, the suspects, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, said they were simply tourists catching the sights in Salisbury about the same time as the attack.

This is so laughable. Putin doesn’t even care if it is plausible.

Yeah two Russian men fly into the UK, to go sightseeing in Salisbury – a tiny city with a population of 40,000. And despite coming from they found the weather too cold in Salisbury so they only spent an hour there, despite having traveled there specifically.

This story does a good job at pointing out the numerous flaws in the pitiful cover story. It’s so implausible that not even Winston would believe it.

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