Activists in residence

Stuff reports:

Activists and academics are not typical bedfellows, but Sue Bradford is making sure the two parties can learn from each other.

The well-known activist and former Green Party MP is the activist in residence at in Palmerston North for a week.

Bradford was asked about a month ago by professor Mohan Dutta​, who is the dean’s chair of communication for the new Centre for Culture-Centred Approach to Research and Evaluation, to take the position.

The two are producing a paper on the partnership between academics and activists in struggles of the oppressed.

This is an excellent idea to have an activist in residence. They should continue with it. Here’s some future activists which I am sure we will see in residence at Massey:

  • Jordan Williams on behalf of oppressed taxpayers
  • Don Brash on behalf of oppressed voters
  • Simon Lusk on behalf of oppressed hunters
  • Matthew Hooton on behalf of oppressed Iwi
  • Garth McVicar on behalf of oppressed victims of crime

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