Doesn’t seem an unreasonable law reports:

THE most senior Family Court judge in England and Wales is set to rule on a case involving a baby who could become the first in the country not to legally have a mum.

The tot is the child of a single parent who was born a woman but who now lives as a man after undergoing surgery, The Sun reports.

He wants to be identified as the child’s “father” or “parent” on the birth certificate but a registrar has told him that the law requires people who give birth to be registered as mothers.

What a terrible discriminatory law. How dare the law say someone who gives birth can’t be a father.

The man has taken legal action after complaining of discrimination.

He says forcing him to register as the child’s “mother” breaches his human right to respect for privacy and family life.

An awful breach of human rights, forcing him to be a mother just because he gave birth.

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