Guest Post: Elliott Ikilei

A guest post by Elliott Ikilei, Deputy Leader of the Party:

The below ad has been sponsored heavily, repeating constantly on FB; I was happy to let it go, but it was repeated so often that I really felt to put in a balance viewpoint.

A politically incorrect response:

This ad is not about monogamous relationships.

It is specifically about men having sex with other random men.

The ad requests promiscuous, homosexual men to get tested every three months for HIV as per male homosexual activity with multiple men and inconsistent, little or no condom usage being high risk.

Ok, some information from the ad, the website and a couple of reports I perused:

– it is estimated that there are 3500 people living with HIV in NZ (0.07% of the population).

– since 1985, the vast majority of HIV diagnoses are from within the homosexual community

Under “Here’s three reasons why nearly 80 percent of HIV diagnoses in New Zealand are among gay and bi guys:” the three points given are:

  1. It’s much easier to get HIV from anal sex
  2. There’s already a lot of gay and bi Kiwis living with HIV.
  3. We’re more closely connected than you might think.

Apart from free condoms, free lube, free testing, we now also fund a drug called Truvada, or PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis). It is effective for high-risk activity, cutting down HIV transference by around 99%.

If not taxpayer-funded, this pill would cost around 1000 dollars per month, every month, for every year of engaging in high-risk activity.

So…last year the Labour party promised to pay for the promiscuity that you now fund. The funding was from March this year…

According to Pharmac, the criteria to receive this taxpayer-funded ‘magic pill’ includes:

Patient is male or transgender; and

Patient has sex with men; and

Patient is likely to have multiple episodes of condomless anal intercourse in the next 3 months;

“likely to have multiple episodes of condomless anal intercourse in the next 3 months”

Let that sink in for a moment…

We have a horrific disease that is spread almost entirely from promiscuity, that is, sleeping around.

The vast majority of those with HIV are within the male homosexual/bisexual community, meaning this horrific disease is spread mostly by men sleeping around with different men who can’t be stuffed to protect themselves with condoms.

We see nothing about promoting one man being with one man only. Indeed, Auckland ratepayers also help fund fisting events and other sex-based activities.

You do fund the pill that is used to confidently sleep around with no condom or commitment.

At a cost of 12K per person, per year, for every year they want to hook up with multiple partners.

You fund this high-risk activity.

In the meantime, cancer rates grow, people with terminal illnesses crowdfund for life-saving medication, operation waiting lists extend out…but at least men sleeping with random men because they want to, is funded…

Want to stop HIV?

Stop sleeping around. Stop forcing us to fund irresponsibility, avoidance of accountability and the further degradation of commitment.

FYI we would not fund a pill that encourages promiscuous male sex…we would use for life-saving treatments, needed operations, supporting commitment over condom-less convenience…


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