Jonathan Young on Greenpeace

New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young writes:

In a beautiful sense of irony, Greenpeace is doing a victory lap around New Zealand with its flagship vessel Rainbow Warrior III, celebrating the ban on new offshore exploration. However, below the deck, the Rainbow Warrior can carry up to 90 tonnes of diesel to fuel the 1,850 horsepower Volvo Penta engine. It uses this for backup when the wind isn’t strong enough to fill its sails.

The irony is that if Greenpeace took their blinkers off, they’d see that firing up the high-emission Volvo Penta when the wind drops off, is no different to firing up a lower-emission gas peaker power station when the wind isn’t strong enough (or too strong) to turn a wind turbine.

New Zealanders have a healthy sense of cynicism, and here’s a good opportunity to show it.

Russell Norman, Chief Executive of Greenpeace NZ, is also mounting a new level of alarmism through the tour saying the hydrocarbon industry are enemies, likening them to the bombers of the first Rainbow Warrior.

So, ease up a bit Russell. The sector here in Taranaki are made up of hard-working, law-abiding citizens who contribute very positively to Taranaki’s and New Zealand’s economic success. They are our families, friends and neighbours. I’m all for new forms of energy – after all I’m a Treky from way back! Innovative ideas are delivering some exciting options for us … albeit little way to go before most are affordable. The great thing about Taranaki, we’ve got plenty of wind, so we might see you sailing past one day

Very good points.

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