Garner slams “completely incompetent” Davidson

Newshub reports:

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has called on Marama Davidson to “get out of office”.

The Green Party co-leader appeared on the show on Monday morning to discuss her party’s commitment to raising benefits by 20 percent, but was unable to say how much it would cost.

Ms Davidson said if New Zealand can spend $100 million of taxpayer money on the America’s Cup, then it can pay its poorest a bit more.

She didn’t even do five minutes of homework, before going on TV.

If she had gone to Vote Social Development, she would have seen the cost of working age benefits is $4.35 billion so a 20% increase would cost $870 million a year.

If they include NZ Super in their policy, then it would cost almost $4 billion a year.

You would think a co-leader would know the cost of a policy they promote when it is in the hundreds of millions or billions.

“I am staggered by the lack of facts and detailed knowledge that she showed in her interview with me this morning,” Garner said after the interview.

“No detail at all. She’s exposed herself as being underdone at best, and completely incompetent at worst. It’s called flaky. I wonder how much longer [co-leader] James Shaw can actually put up with this.

“She knew how much it cost for the America’s Cup, but not about the welfare system which she wants to change. Honestly, get out of office. That’s what I say.”

There is a reason she wasn’t made a Minister despite being ranked higher by the Greens than Genter and Sage and Logie.

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