English student union bans clapping

I wish this was satire but no its snowflakes at work. Stuff reports:

Clapping has been replaced with “jazz hands” at an English university student union amid fears the noise of applause could trigger anxiety among some students.

Whooping is also discouraged at Manchester University student union events on the basis that the loud noise may be a problem for those with sensory issues.

The use of “jazz hands” – where students wave their hands in the air – is the British Sign Language (BSL) expression for applause and is deemed a more inclusive gesture.

Oh poor little students. Clapping could give them anxiety. God knows how they would quote with a job.

Why stop at banning clapping and whooping. They should ban all verbal speech and require all communications between students to be in writing.

“Jazz hands” were adopted by the National Union of Students (NUS)in 2015 on the basis that clapping “triggers anxiety”. Delegates at last year’s NUS conference said that students who whoop, cheer and clap should face “consequences”.

They’re such precious morons.

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