Libs lose Wentworth reports:

AS THE Liberal Party’s hopes of a dramatic comeback win in Wentworth fade, it is turning on itself.

The conservative side of politics is split between those who blame former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull for the defeat and those who say it’s the Liberal Party’s own fault for knifing him.

Mr Turnbull’s critics have seized on his conspicuous silence in the lead-up to Saturday’s by-election. He said nothing in support of Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, save for a single tweet when Mr Sharma first won preselection back in September.

The former prime minister rebuffed pleas to intervene from senior figures inside the government, including Scott Morrison. The Australian reports Mr Sharma called Mr Turnbull himself on Thursday night in a desperate last-ditch attempt to secure a public endorsement.

His final cry for help was rejected.

Can’t entirely blame Turnbull. They shouldn’t have rolled him if they wanted his support.

Wentworth has been held by the Liberal Party since Federation. Losing it is a huge deal.

The Coalition now has only 75 out of 150 seats so they need one or more of the six minor or independent MPs to pass laws.

The next election is due in May. I suspect they’ll last until then, but we’ll see.

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