Only a 2% drop

National supporters seem to be very loyal. The One News Colmar Brunton poll was taken during a week where an MP was expelled from caucus, accused the leader of being corrupt, and then multiple allegations of abuse and bullying were made against the (former) National MP.

Despite being taken during an absolutely terrible week, National’s support dropped only 2% to 43%. Labour up 3% to 45% and Greens at 7% and NZ First at 5%.

It’s actually an astonishing result. Of course it is a good result for Labour and Greens, but people were claiming National would be down in the 30s. If National can cauterise the wounds from the last week, then they have a great level of support at 43% to build up on.

43% is a loss. 45% is a loss also. But above 45% and you’re competitive. And NZ First is on 5%, so knock then under 5% and then 45% may even be a win.

Simon Bridges is also down 3% as Preferred Prime Minister. Again not surprising as one of his (former) MPs said he was a criminal and complained to the Police about him. Once the Police have dealt with that complaint, he has the opportunity to build up support.

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