Danger – Labour wants you all to fund their party

The Herald reports:

Justice Minister Andrew Little is considering looking into changes to the way political parties are funded, and areas such as donation transparency could be part of the discussion. …

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would love to see a scenario where political parties didn’t have to fundraise.

Labour don’t want parties to have to fundraise. They want taxpayers to fund their party. Rather than spend taxpayers money on schools and hospitals, they want it for themselves.

They want a system where you are forced to fund parties you hate. A system where parties don’t have to worry about keeping members and supporters as the taxpayers will fund them.

At the moment we only have taxpayer funding of MPs in Parliament, plus a small amount for broadcasting expenses in election campaigns.

What Labour is talking about is where the taxpayer hands over millions of dollars a year to political parties, for them to spend as they like.

Unless people make a fuss about this, Labour and Greens will try and do this. It is up to us to stop them.

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